Tracy Madden-March 2016

My journey is of course on going as of most people’s in the world.  Thinking back about two years is something I really don’t wish to revisit but here it goes.  I was tired, heavy, and hating my looks.  I started looking at other people wishing I was something else and not who I had become. It even got to the point where I didn’t want to go out of the house.  I hated the person I had become and I didn’t want to set that example for my two children.

I would be lying if I said my jouney was easy because it wasn’t.  I started off with a boot camp at the local YMCA two days a week.  Let’s just say this made me feel worse.  I was sluggish and embarrased but knew I had to stick with it.  I knew that just doing two days a week for 1 hour would not get me to where I wanted to be so I started to walk on my own which turned into something I really enjoyed and even progressed to jogs/runs.  A few months into my journey I even purchased a monthly membership to the YMCA.  Six months in I had lost 40lbs and was STARTING to feel good but knew I wanted more.  Funny how that works, 6 months ago I would have been thrilled 40lbs lighter but there was that little voice in my head telling me to dig deeper and see what more I could accomplish.  Its like when you go running and you are dead tired but set a goal for yourself.  I can make it to that sign down the road, don’t stop now!!!

So, I set some new goals.  I knew I wanted to lose more weight but I also wanted to start using weights and toning.  The YMCA membership for sure came in handy here and I was hitting the gym everyday.  Fast foward 1 year and I was down 70lbs and continuing to push myself to new things all the time.

In addition to the exercise of course you have to change your eating habits.  I cut out all junk food and soda.  My daily foods began to be fruit, veges, chicken, tuna and a ton of water. 

At some point in my journey I stopped looking at others.  I realized that I am my OWN person and to embrace life with what I have and that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. 

For those reading this I will say it is NOT easy especially starting later in life with a full time job, husband and two children.  You can’t teach someone in life passion and to find their inner strength you have to find it yourself.  Start off slow and SET GOALS.  Don’t let the excuses today get in your way of greatness!!!IMG_0980 IMG_0978