Stephanie Franzen

Stephanie has been running for 10 years. She has always been a very athletic person; whether it is team sports, weight training, or going to the gym, however, she didn’t always do it in a healthy way. Stephanie used to eat pretty unhealthy and smoke cigarettes.

In 2005, Stephanie made the decision to run a 5k and that race changed her life. “When I first started to jog, it was harder than I expected and I was only able to jog a block at a time. One block turned into 2 blocks and then blocks turned into miles. After completing that 5k and jogging the whole way, Stephanie knew she “Found Her Fit”. “There was something that happened to me out on that course. During that 5K, I felt overwhelmed with joy, freedom and excitement. When Stephanie crossed the finish line and received her medal she felt accomplished. “That day I vowed to myself I would NEVER smoke again and I have not.”Stephanie continued to do 5K’s and got faster and faster. She then decided to increase her distance and run a 10K and once again was hooked. In 2009 she decided to sign up for her first half marathon. During that training, Stephanie found out how important nutrition was to her training. “I did not believe in the saying “You are what you eat” but I do now. Nutrition is a huge part in my training and my performance in races.” Stephanie ran her first marathon in Chicago in 2013 and without trying to, almost qualified to run the Boston Marathon. “I told myself, I can and will qualify for Boston next year.” Last October, she ran 3:25 and qualified for Boston and just received her acceptance letter to run The 2016 Boston Marathon. ‘

Over the years, Stephanie has run races in many cities all over the US and in other countries. She loves to run in any city that she visits as she can see the city in a different perspective than if she were driving in a car. Running has introduced her to many fellow athletes, including her husband, also a runner.

“Running to me is something I do for myself. Running helps me mentally, physically, and spiritually. It allows me to express myself and fills my heart with joy. To me, there is no better way to start my day than waking up early; jogging my daily 6 miles, while watching the sunrise over the water or ending my day running on the beach and watching the sunset.”