September Fit Life Active Athlete Of The Month Dawn Peters

My name is Dawn. I’m a 42 year old mother of two. I am also a fitness model and work as a charity event coordinator. This month, I will compete in my third fitness bikini competition. I am so proud to say I am the healthiest, the most FIT I have been my entire life!! Because I believed in myself, I Found my Fit and Live the Fit Life.

It is so important to find inspiration in people and things close to you. I have found inspiration in my children, family and friends who have overcome tremendous adversity. BUT with guidance through God and digging very deep within I have found inspiration in myself. Things that get me down never hold me down. I get back up and move forward.

I am an average girl. I didn’t grow up with voices of people saying you can be whatever you want to be. I didn’t have much money growing up, I still don’t. Money is irrelevant. I wasn’t encouraged to “go out in the world and kick butt”. I went from being a skinny girl with a ton of dreams to an overweight stay at home mother of two with no drive.

I got tired of feeling average. I got tired of dreaming and not acting to make my dreams becomes my reality. Then I realized you’re NEVER too old to achieve your dreams, so I thought, “why not me”? I can model, I can step on stage and little by little, over the last 5 years I did it! I began reading, running, weight training and learning about diet. I went online, bought magazines, checked out books at the library and got myself into amazing shape all on my own at home. Eventually, I did join a gym, hire a personal trainer and coach to be in the right shape for the stage. I believed I could so I did!

I also learned the all important gift of giving back. This is how I Found My FIT for My Soul. I volunteer for my kids schools and am a board member of five charities. I get more back than I give by far! Everyone should find a passion and give back to their community. My passions are my family and a local charity called “Our Veterans and Families of Fallen Officers.” Locally, is near and dear to my heart as it honors all officers that have lost their lives, or have become disabled in the performance of their duties.

My formula for living a fulfilled life is simple; A Balance of God, yourself, your family, and community in that order. Life is hard…not just for me but for everyone. So Work Hard- Make every day count! Forgive yourself for the past and Love Yourself today!! Invest in you because you deserve it. Go Find YOUR Fit and Live the Fit Life. Your worth it- It’s in you…..TODAY! Believe that you can do it and you will!
Get up and get it and have fun doing it!

Dawn Peters