Meghan Dorman

As a Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach, and Nutritional Therapy candidate, you could say health and fitness is my life. But it wasn’t always that way. I was a little on the chunky side through most of my adolescence, and though I participated in various sports over the years, I would certainly not have considered myself an athlete by any means.

In college, my boyfriend (now husband) taught me how to lift weights, and I loved how strong I felt. We were soon introduced to CrossFit by a police officer friend of ours, and I was hooked. I got certification after certification and even specialized in coaching kids and pregnant women once we were expecting our own child. Around 2009, I also discovered The Paleo Diet. The notion of eating only foods that nourished our ancestors completely spoke to me. I started eating lots more fat and protein, cut out all processed and packaged foods, and went on a mission to find local, organic food from farmers instead of the grocery store. It completely changed my life.

The CrossFit / Paleo community is where I learned to prioritize health and hormones over abs, and strength and mobility over calories burned. And I am forever grateful. At this point in my journey (where I do feel healthy, hormonally balanced, strong and mobile), I’ve decided to experiment with a bodybuilding approach, and I’m now training for my first physique competition. It’s very difficult but very interesting!

It took me many years of feeling unworthy before I “Found My Fit” – first through weight training with my husband, then through CrossFit and the discovery of a Real Food philosophy. Even now as a health coach, I feel like I’m finding new angles and nuances to wellness every day. Life’s a journey, right?!

Here’s to living the Fit Life and “Finding Our Fit” over and over as we continue learning and evolving every day.