Mark Jones

Growing up Mark was always active and involved in organized sports.  During high school he played sports year round with his focus on preparing and training for the next level. Mark was blessed to be able to play football at the University of Tennessee. Being part of an established and well known football program introduced Mark to the Fit Life. He learned how to properly take care of his body and train for a purpose.

After Mark graduated, he was drafted in 2004 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mark went on to live out his dream of playing professionally for six years. During those six years, fitness and a healthy lifestyle was his job. Mark lived the Fit Life year round with a sole purpose – to succeed at the highest level.

Marks football career ended when his body was not fit enough to play the game he loved. “However I realized I was presented with an new opportunity; to “Find my Fit” for personal reasons. I found new ways of staying fit and being active. Now being fit is something I enjoy doing for me and my family.  I live the Fit Life because I want to experience life to the fullest-happy and healthy!