John Gaudet- January 2016

There I was, overweight, huffing and puffing, trying to pull my kids up the hill so that ;they could have another sled run.  As I looked at the other fathers, they seemed to bounce back up the hill.  Those other kids must have had double the runs that mine had that day.  That night, as I hid in my usual spot, behind the shed, lighting up my cigarette, I had a vision.  It was there, that I knew I needed to change.  That would be the last night I had to hide to smoke, the last night I had to huff and puff my way back into my house and get into my sweat pants because my jeans were too tight.  I had enough.  That was the start of my road to fitness.  Like everyone, I had to start out slow, but continued to work every day to get better.  Iwas determined and trained hard knowing that my hard work would pay off.  Today, I am training for my 3rd marathon, have completed Spartan Beast races, half marathons, countless 10K’s and first place finishes in modified CrossFit competitions.  I am proud to say by living the Fit Life I have “Found My Fit” and I’m determined to never lose it again.


John Gaudet resides in Clinton, CT with his wife, Erin, and their 4 children: Hannah(16), Mikaela(15), Heidi(13) and Sophie(11).  Employed by RLS Logistics, Newfield, NJ as a Business Development professional and raising a family keeps John very busy.  As a busy professional, his work demands a lot of travel.  When at home, he enjoys spending time with his family at the beach, golfing, boating , Crossfit and training for life.  John runs Marathon’s to raise money for those who can’t run.

Hangs his shoes: Clinton, CT

Favorite Run: Beach and Back

Trains in: Brooks

Personal Best: 4:11

Favorite Workout: Murph

Favorite Saying:  “hey, it’s an RX”