Jodi Hebert

Jodi Hebert

Growing up Jodi was exposed to athletics at an early age.  She started martial arts at the age of 11 and was involved in

team sports throughout her high school years. Jodi was always fairly good at everything but never great at one thing.

Jodi found her passion at the age of 23 when she was introduced to group fitness. Being forced into a position to

teach a kickboxing class at a local gym is where Jodi started to “find her fit”. She also found a love for the stage and

helping others at the same time. Soon after, Jodi became a certified personal trainer and certified group fitness

instructor. Jodi was later introduced to a competitive Muay Thai fighting

team where she competed in six individual amateur fights winning every one.

Having a love for the stage Jodi then took on bikini fitness competitions. Learning the inns and outs of dieting and

what she was capable of putting her body through, Jodi placed

quite well but desired more. Jodi’s more has been CrossFit. Being involved with CrossFit

she improved her body composition and has become physically and mentally stronger then she ever thought

possible. Jodi then found that you can compete in this sport as well.

Now the majority of her time is spent in her local box (gym) working on getting better each and every day as well as

trying to help her clients do the same through boot camps, group

training and individual private sessions. Subscribing to the Fit Life has led Jodi to build a business and

a brand called JoBody Fitness ( Evolving and growing every day Jodi is excited to be on the  path

to living life as healthy and full as possible.