Dr Brent Carmack

Dr. Brent Carmack stays fit for himself, his family, and his patients.  In an interesting scenario early in his career he examined an obese pilot and thought to himself, I wouldn’t want to
be a passenger on his jet.  Ironically, not long after that exam, he was operating on his own patient when the nurses asked if he could assist in surgery on a patient next door because that
patient’s surgeon, an obese middle-aged surgeon was stricken with acute –onset chest pain and was being worked on by the anesthesiologist.  Just like pilots have a responsibility to their passengers, surgeons have a profound responsibility to not have a heart attack or stroke in the middle of surgery.

At the time of witnessing his colleague go down with a cardiac event, Dr. Carmack, a former elite runner was out of shape from years in a library followed by years of clinic and on call nights with seemingly no time, vowed to make time to “Redefine his Fit”.  “If I ask people who don’t exercise, do you watch tv?  100% say they do at least 30-60 minutes per day.  Well, then there IS time for exercise if you skip tv or even watch it while on a treadmill.”  With that in mind, he reinstituted working out as if it were just a normal daily responsibility no different than eating, sleeping, or using the restroom.  It took years to get back on track but now he has completed a recent marathon, 70.3 Ironman, and almost not  a weekend goes by without participating and placing or winning a 5k or 10k.  As a bonus, he met his wife during his first solo triathlon and through example, his two older kids now run as well.

“Staying fit is just part of life,” he says.  “When it becomes normal to work-out and eat healthy it suddenly becomes abnormal to be sedentary and eat poorly.”  Also, now that he has a newborn, he knows from being a physician that you can increase your lifespan and quality of life tremendously by living the Fit Life and hopes he can complete a 140.6 Ironman with his wife and all three kids one day.