Dawn Peters
Organizer for the Great American Teach in

Dawn is a mother of 2, in her 40’s and “is in the best shape of my life.”

She has always been involved in sports all through school until Dawn got to college.  Dawn worked her way through college and lived an unhealthy lifestyle but stayed thin because she worked so hard.  After Dawn graduated college and got her first desk job she gained weight!  

After about 2 years Dawn decided she wanted to get back in shape.  Dawn started eating better, running and used the gym at her apartment complex.  She lost weight and kept it off but wasn’t in great shape. “It wasn’t until after I had my 2nd child and was in my early 30’s I  decided that’s it! I have goals and I am going to reach them not to mention, I now need to set an example for 2 little girls.”

Dawn then joined a local running group and got her whole family on a healthier diet.  She competed in her 1st 5k race at 36, and was hooked on racing going on to race 10k’s, half marathons’s, Ragnar Relay Race and winning age group awards in all of these categories!  

Now, in her early 40’s Dawn has competed in her 1st NPC Bikini competition at Europa Orlando and is Training for her 2nd NPC Bikini competition in St. Augustine, FL with the goal of getting a placement award.  

In the last year, Dawn has also done some fitness modeling, earning Ms. August in a Body Beautiful Calendar which is raising money for charity.  

“I “found my fit”when I realized that I needed to do these things for ME!  Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice.  I hope to inspire other women along my journey to help them realize that the sky is the limit!!  Don’t ever think you are to old or it’s too late to achieve your dreams.”

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