Fit Life.

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To inspire women to boldly choose a life of balance and purpose.

Our Tribe

We've Got Grit

From the boardroom to bath and
bedtime with the kids, we work hard.

We believe mental strength is key to

overcoming any challenge, and we

channel that into our lifestyle goals.

We're Inclusive

There are a few things that bring the sense
of peace that comes with finding your

tribe. Finding like-minded individuals.

People who get you. Ones that hold

no judgments and no explanations are

needed. We’ve “Got Your Back!”

Strive for Balance

We have full lives and long to-do
lists. We also know that to get it all

done, we have to take care of our

mind, body, and spirit. While physical

fitness is a priority, the goal is overall


We Are Honest

We are authentic. We don’t believe in
perfection because we know there is

no such thing. We believe in owning

our shit. If we fall, it’s because there

is something down there we are

supposed to find.

Our Founder

Shannon Olson is a fearless single mother of three who rebuilt her life after a divorce. She understands firsthand what it’s like to start from scratch with little more than a dream. When life dealt her lemons, she made margaritas. With aims of inspiring her children and everyone else around
her, she started Fit Life as a natural extension of
her passion for wellness and fitness.